Saturday, October 10, 2009

Its Been A While.....

Jeez. HAHAHA. The time I last post something on my blog was nearly 2 months back. You could say that its really dusty. People have been asking me to update this blog ASAP. Well, it takes a lot of effort for me to start writing something here.

So yeah. How have I been? I'm doing great actually. Had much sorrows and disappointments before this. But I'm now starting to accept this reality. I guess I'm not ready to take on the challenges that are awaiting me in the outside world. Hence, I'm still here in Malaysia while more than half of my friends have gone overseas to further their studies. So, what am I up to at the moment? I'm actually studying my A-Levels again....not the entire course of course. Resitting a few papers in January 2010 to improve my grades so that I can get a better chance of studying in a university next year. Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and perhaps...UK again. Not gonna risk any of my chances anymore.

This is my third time sitting for most of the papers that I'm retaking. Its funny and sad. Funny because I never thought that I would end up retaking in January 2010. Sad because I have to study the same shit all over again. Plus, I'm retaking practical paper. How to practice the lab experiments?!?! Gee gee. When I was doing my work, I just realised that I could work at a very efficient rate. And that's when I really regret not putting my priorities right during college days. The distractions of the world had brought me down. I wished I could turn back the time but there's no such thing.

All these while, my future actually headed for a suicide. But out of nowhere, a rope with a hook at the end grabbed it right before it hits the ground below. A second chance!! And its now up to myself to hold it tight and pull it back to me.

Hope you guys won't be like me, especially those of you studying in university. You will be in bigger trouble than me if you start slacking. =P

I'll write here pretty often now since its more boring nowadays. Sad. Seeya soon.

Something to keep myself happy.


Thursday, July 16, 2009


"We've always gotta start somewhere."

Just when you think you got a rough start, always remember this. We will all have to go through it sooner or later.

You're not the only one.

Farewell Suyee.
Never let the bass guitar look down on you. Own it.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Redang Lang Tengah.

Ahhh. Finally, I'm back. Like I said in my previous post, I was off to Lang Tengah Island at night. Reached there at around 10.30am the next morning. That's like...a total of nearly 12 hours!! Very tired. But the moment I set my foot on the sandy beaches of Lang Tengah, I can't wait to explore its underwater beauty!! The chalet was pretty awesome too. Everything you will need, they are all there.

The best part of this trip is the snorkelling activity. I got to see so many sea creatures upclose. On the first day of snorkelling, the guide took us to different spots around the island to see various types of fishes and sea corals. At one of the spots, I saw a turtle passed me when I was snorkelling pretty far off from the boat. Quite dangerous of me to swim so far off but oh well, I can swim. =) Immediately, I chased it without hesitating. And I pat it!! So cool!! It wasn't even scared of us humans. On the second day of snorkelling, we were on our way to the Redang Island Marine Park when all of a sudden, we saw a school of dolphins swimming pass the boat. Later in the evening, the guide took some of us to the shark's territory to see some baby sharks. On the way there, I saw stingrays and puffer fish too. According to the guide, he said that we were really lucky to see all of these as not all the other groups get to see them during their trip.

The guide was very friendly too. He showed us so many things that we city people have not seen before. On the last night, he took us along the beach to see the nesting spot of the turtles. Yup. There were eggs there but we were not allowed to touch anything there. But the sad part was, I didn't know mandarin. Throughout the whole trip, he was speaking mandarin. And I had to get the others to translate for me. TT

Overall, its an enjoyable trip. I even got tanned as well. Not sure whether you guys would still recognise me. Haha. Sunburn all over my arms and shoulders. Its so painful. But it was all worth the fun.

Props to PHwa and Kim Li for organising such a wonderful trip. =)

The biggest crab I found on the beach. =__=


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wonderful. Dead Tired.

Crap. I've been so busy going out and travelling until I forgotten to write something here. Let's see..

I'll start off with HELP's A-Levels Annual Prom held at the Sunway Resort and Spa hotel two days ago. First time I had to fetch so many people there. So difficult for my car to move fast. TT Overall, it was good I would say. I like the band performance. Can't remember the name of the band tho. Haha. Everyone looked so cool and pretty on that night. It was a wonderful night for me. I'll never forget this night. =D

Anyway, I don't have pictures. Sorry. Normal lar. Too lazy to take pictures. Haha.

And after prom, the rest of us that were chilling and chit-chatting at the hotel lobby decided to go for a drink at the mamak nearby. Felt so awkward. Everyone just had to turn their heads at us like as if we're a bunch of clowns. I reached home at nearly 4am after fetching everyone home from one end of the world to another. I was damn tired. And just when I thought I could have a good night sleep like everyone else....

One hour later.....

I'm off to Singapore!!! Wtheck!! Travelling to Singapore at 5am is not funny. Reached there at about one in the afternoon and we headed straight to Orchard Road!! Wheeee!! So nice. Sales everywhere. Can get apparels and bags at a very good deal. You girls will surely enjoy shopping for clothings and bags there. So yeah. What else do you do when you're at Orchard Road besides shopping? Walk walk walk. Take the train. Walk walk walk....zzZzz. My legs were damn pain. Finally, after walking so much, I've gotten myself a pair of Adizeros. =) Yay!! Can start running next week. And there's this new shopping mall which is gonna open soon.

Its kinda blurred since the car was moving. I find the lights quite interesting actually. Its gonna be another high-end shopping mall like Paragon. With shops opening soon like Bvlgari, Louis Vuitton and Dolce and Gabbana, looking around would be the only thing I could do there. Hahaha. So, after having dinner with my uncle, my dad and I headed straight back home without stopping.

Despite being so tired, I had lots of fun. Prom and one-day trip to Singapore. And the fun doesn't stop there.

Tonight, Lang I come!! XD


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hopefully I Can....

I can see it. The road of sleepless nights. Non-stop ginseng tea consumption. I'm gonna go through all these alone. Despite the fact that there's a lot others who are going through the same shit, I still think I'm alone. I'm always alone.

Everybody needs a someone
Waitin' to be there when things are a-lookin' down
So if you feel a little lonely
Go out, find your one and only


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why last day??

My first day of college. I was assigned to A52 Group G Further Maths. Still remember Mr. Khoo making us introduce ourselves during our first maths class? Haha. I didn't really bother to mix around since I'm always shy as you all know. With a brand new start, my enthusiasm to study was on top form.

From February 2008 onwards...
I started to know people in college.

Through random topics, bullshits and laughters in class, I got to know some amazing people such as Seng Tuck, Wei Kit, Joshua Tay, Adrian Tan, Ke Vin, Jin Khai, Poovan, Bali, Wee Lim, Chee Fai, Jon Hoe and Terk Chen. Wendy plays computer games...damn cool. Ying always gets disturbed by Adrian...damn funny. Sen Yi laughs for no reason...dunno what to say. Haha.

Through my good friend, Nick Yeow, I got to know some of his classmates. Rajiv, Satish and Edwyn. Had fun hanging out and playing futsal with you guys. Since I follow Nick back most of the time, I got to know Evangeline, a girl...that follows him back too. Walking to Nick's car at Jalan Demurun has been fun. Haha. Through Evangeline, I met Paik Hwa. You two are really random. Whack you with a rubbish bin.

Kai Shen has always been nice to help me with my studies. I probably wouldn't have done well in my exams if it wasn't for him. =) Through him, I got to know Khye Ren, his primary schoolmate, in LAN class. At the same time, she has this really nice friend from her secondary school who is in the same LAN class as us. And that's how I know Li Ling.

And the connection goes on and on....never ending.

Never realised that its such a small world afterall.

Many events had occured during this period of time. Both happy times and emo moments. Well, that's what life is all about afterall. Savour the good times and learn your mistakes from the bad times.

Everything happens so quickly. Back then in January 2008, we were all saying "Hi" to each other. And today, we're all saying "Bye" to each other. Why does it has to be our last day of college today?? Can't it be postponed to another later time?? Sigh. That's how the A levels system works. You can't change that fact. The feeling has not strike me yet tho. Haha. This may be the last day I'm gonna see some of you. But I'm definitely seeing my classmates again since there's extra class. Wtheck. =__=

There's always an end to a start for anything. It's an inevitable fact. But for me, I don't think this is the end. In a few months time, we'll all be going our own ways to achieve the things we wanna get in life. Who knows, we might actually bump into each other one day in our workplace or in a cafe somewhere around the globe. Haha. Always expect the unexpected.

Wendy. Say bye to wei kit's foot. Haha.

All those days gone forever.
Wonder if we're gonna ever.
See all our younglife friends that we made again.
Have we all lost connection?
Life pulls in all directions.
Memories bring us back to where we've been.


Sunday, May 3, 2009


Virginity is not dignity, but the lack of opportunity.
-Fiona a Eugene.

Don't ask me why.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Last Hope

Exams are so damn near already. This time, its more important than the ones before. It's either you make it, or you don't. Screw this one up and you're finished. Its that important. For the first time, I've been nerding everyday. Not gonna waste this chance to move forward in life.

Prom + Trip. Both are coming in less than two months time. Whee!! On the downside, it means massive expenses. I feel so terrible for forking out so much money from my dad. Don't worry. I'll make you proud. =D

Preparations for :
1. Exams - Has started and still ongoing. Books scattered everywhere. Eye bags on the way.
2. Prom - On hold since I don't plan to do anything important.
3. Trip - Need to settle the remaining balance. I'll get it done quickly PHwa. =)

Evan, you're damn potong. I was happily telling you about how happy I felt. Then, you just potong that. Hmph. Haha. =D

Goodnight peeps. Be right back, after practical exams.

When the light starts to burn
And the pain returns
I just wish that I could heal the hurt you feel tonight